Can the Luxe Curl be used on any kind of hair? 

Yes, the Luxe Curl is suitable for most hair types (those with thick, fine, straight, wavy, or dyed hair can all use the Luxe Curl). The different temperature and curl time settings mean that you can customise the curler to suit your specific hair type. 

How should I use the Luxe Curl if I have curly hair? 

For best results on quite naturally curly hair, we recommend blow drying and straightening your hair first before using the Luxe Curl. For mildly wavy hair, you shouldn't need to straighten your hair first. 

Is the Luxe Curl difficult to use? 

No - it is very easy to use, and we have created a video on the home page to walk you through using it. 

Will my curls last all day? 

Yes - on most hair types the curls will hold all day. 

Can I use the Luxe Curl on wet hair? 

We don't recommend using the Luxe Curl on wet hair. We also recommend making sure any hair products have dried before using the Luxe Curl. 

How do I get a beach wave with the Luxe Curl? 

For a beach wave, you can alternate the curl directions, and take your hair out of the curler before the curl is properly set (e.g. after about 4 seconds). 

Will the Luxe Curl work if I have shoulder length hair? 

Yes, you can get a great, long lasting wave with shoulder length hair. As long as the curler has about 2 inches of hair length to grab onto, you should be able to use the curler. 

Will the Luxe Curl work with very long hair? 

The Luxe Curl will work with very long hair, but you will probably need to start further down the hair shaft so that there's enough room in the barrel for your hair (the curler will stop as a safety measure if too much hair is fed into it). 

Why is the spin button is not working after going into sleep mode? 

If the curler is left on for 60 minutes and goes into sleep mode, you will need to unplug the curler and plug it in again to use it (this is a built in safety feature).